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A little background on meMe

Hi! My name is Michael.
I am 20 years old, and I am part of the Curry Family.
I have one brother, Paul, and can also visit my Dad's homepage: www.curry.f2s.com. The picture on the right was taken 9th April 2006... This picture has come out better than some of myself :-|
I live in Saltdean (near Brighton), in good old rainy Britain.
I currently go to Brighton University, studying Computer & Electronic Engineering. Apart from being a st00dent, I am currently a duty-manager at my local co-op. Not much more pay than a normal assistant, but I'm in charge >:)

Picture of my first carAt the end of September 2004 I bought my first car. It was a Blue 1995 Fiat Cinquecento. I have posted some pictures in a gallery here for anyone interested. It is only 899cc, but it did me nicely for the 6 mile trip into uni each day. The speakers in the front of the cinquecento are so small, that don't give good bass response at all, so I installed some good 50 6x9 pioneers in the parcel shelf. These 6x9s gave far better bass, but the only way to stop the badges on them rattling, was sticking them in place with some good old blu-tak.

Picture of my second car In June 2006, I bought my second car - a 5 door 'tie-break' green 'Roland Garros' limited edition Peugeot 206. I have made a picture gallery here. Although I haven't driven many cars, I can say with no doubt how much better it is than the cinq.
The driving position is a little different to the cinq, but it didn't take long to get used to. The bigger engine really makes a difference, for not only overtaking, but accelerating up the hilly south downs in the area! One of the only things that I preferred on the cinq, was how much easier it was to manoeuvre - thinner body pillars and being smaller gave it good visibility and a smaller turning circle made parking a doddle, whereas the 206 being longer and safer (with wider corner supports) gives a larger turning circle and more blind spots.
Interior comfort is also much better than the cinq - leather trim sporty seats in the front are much more comfy and being longer gives good boot space and better leg room in the back, although there is restricted headroom for taller passengers in the rear seats.

Picture of My ViolinOther hobbies of mine include listening and playing traditional folk music. Mainly I will be found playing English tunes on my violin (picture on the right) but I also play some Irish and Scottish pieces as well.
I started playing violin in '93 and was classically trained, until '02 when study commitments meant I could not continue with the lessons (at this point I was at grade 6 standard). Since then I have carried on playing for fun at the tune sessions around Lewes, where people don't mind if you hit the odd wrong note etc!

Regular sessions I will usually be found at include:

  • 1st Sunday of the month at The Trevor Arms, Glynde from 3pm
  • 1st Tuesday of the month at The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes from 8pm
  • 2nd Monday of the month at the The Ram, Firle from 8pm
    (currently at The Trevor Arms, Glynde due to new owners and entertainment license problems at The Ram)

I am currently a member of the Network Scout Unit in Saltdean, which currently is operating as part of the '3 Deans' Explorer Unit.
The 3 deans group is fed into by the 42nd Brighton (Saltdean) scout troop.
Also, why not pay a visit to the Brighton Scouts web site, or Scout Base.

In 2003-4, I joined the cipher club at Varndean, and entered into a team for the Southampton University Cipher Challenge. If you are interested in ciphers, then why not visit my cipher sub-page... happy cracking!
[update] Because of workload of College coursework, and the CBA factor, this hasn't been updated for a while, when I get some more free time, I shall upload some more different types of cipher cracking tools. BTW all the tools I have created are uploaded here, along with other pieces of software I have created: ./software.
[update] I am now unfortunately too old to enter the 2004-5 cipher challenge and therefore I might not get round to completing all the cipher tools.

The team I was in even got recognition in the local paper - click to view the article.
There is also an article about myself and team partner Ed Craske on the Varndean Website.

cr3ation.co.ukMy brother (Paul) is also interested in computer programming, and has released AFP.NET (Advanced Flash Player, on the .NET framework). This can be found on his domain cr3ation.co.uk (click ^above^).

For those interested, I have also created a small WAP site. There is not much here, but is a nice homepage to use on my phone :)
WAP SITE IN DEVELOPMENT: http://mjc.r8.org/wap.wml
Out of interest, if you do try the WAP site, I would be interested to know the outcome - please contact me using the address at the bottom of the page.

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Contact mewebmaster <dot> michael <at> curry <dot> f2s <dot> com

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